A point of view.#1

A matter of size.

Tall you regarding the tiny world.
Tiny you regarding the tall world.

The difference of facing the whole –
or just a spot.

© 2013 Chris K. explaining the W.

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4 Responses to “A point of view.#1”

  1. Frau Schmidt sagt:

    To my opinion it’s a matter of facing – as you say it:
    … facing the whole or just a spot – how to face the stuff around yourself.

    I know tall people who aren’t able to look any further than their own nosetip, they even don’t know that there is something like a world outside.

    On the other hand makes your drawing the impression that taller people should have less problems ‚cause their world is tiny with ipsytipsy-teenieweenie problems … for sure not your experience.

  2. Frau Schmidt sagt:

    Despite different points of view – in relation to our size they’re always different – I love your drawing :)

  3. Chris K. sagt:

    Of course! What matters most is the brain of the person facing things. I didn’t wanna imply that tall people face the whole thing naturally by all means, more that they do have another point of view physically. Maybe they do sometimes see more, earlier, further, but also the other point of view from a lower focal point could be very interesting.

    I often use to kneel or lay down on the floor when I take photographs, just to get an alternate view. Some views could be stunningly different from the usual sight – my usual sight considering my size and typical behaviour regarding things.

    When I was visiting the places of my childhood I found the houses much smaller and the way to school less far than expected from my imagination. Things would be different from a slight different point of view or physical state. As soon as we’re grown up we do have to change positions to face the whole thing.

    It all ends up that my world would just look different in your eyes, from your point of view, considering your size and your typical behaviour regarding things.

  4. antidot sagt:

    I totally agree with all of the above.

    Looking at the world when you’re down is quite different than looking on it when you’re up.

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