monolithic …

… that’s what I used to be.










And sometimes portraying disasters surrounding me.
A simple I/0 operation.

Ich bin monolithisch.
Und manchmal nehme ich Unfälle und Katastrophen, die mich umgeben (in mich) auf.
Eine einfache I/0-Information.

Je suis monolithique.
Et alors, je absorber les catastrophes quelques mois entouré.
Une I/0 information plus simple.


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3 Responses to “monolithic …”

  1. Frau Schmidt sagt:

    Assimilating disasters or luck in a monolithic way is quite different than saoking it up like a sponge.

    The first means being involved in a process and becoming something or somebody different or even new.

    The second means to soak it until you‘re filled or fed up and when it dries out it‘s all gone and nothings left inside the sponge.

  2. Chris K. sagt:

    I wonder how anyone could live without being involved or just being involved on the surface.

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