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»Now that he had recognised himself as a dead man …

it became important to stay alive as long as possible.«


From the book »1984« by George Orwell / written 1948 /
first published 1949

I’m reading a printed version from Penguin Books of 1990.

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6 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Admin sagt:

    Since it was clear that f* me was dead meat it was f* true I ain’t gonna last forever. No good idea to stay alive as long as possible – ‚cause you’ve got just a few years (words) to feel alive, to survive. But in fact we always live longer. Longer than we could imagine, far longer than we could stand it. Life – in the end – is a shame.

  2. Frau Schmidt sagt:

    Well, it depends on the point of view.
    Even Winston Smith, the non-hero in the story, has moments of delight in his aweful life.
    The reason why he thinks it is important to stay alive as long as possible is because he just is in the beginning of discovering the truth. He is questioning the authorities and discovers his own thoughts – his so called thoughtcrimes. He knows he will be unmasked sooner or later but till then he has to find out the f* truth about what’s going on around him and with him.
    I personally think that’s a decent reason. In the end it brakes him anyhow and that’s what makes me cry. I would have wished it differently, would have liked seeing him win.

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