The day when god …

… and the rest of the world didn’t respond to me. When I was there to get further instructions they’re simply a bit off. None of that seen in the picture.
This is the picture:


This is the art in the pic:
Abraham David Christian ‒ Interconnected
Bronze sculpture
The pic itself:
© 2012 Chris K. —

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8 Responses to “The day when god …”

  1. antidot sagt:

    A beautiful picture – somehow as if the presence of God is near. Not because of the church and there he is supposed to be.
    No, it has to do with your state of mind during absorbing the scenery and taking the photo.

    Maybe he responded through this pic to you – even it’s different than expected.

  2. Chris K. sagt:

    God moves in mysterious ways.

    The result of our phone call from Saturday I find more stunning than the picture itself: The incoherence of Christian’s sculpture named »Interconnected« and the total lack of response in that very moment and of course the meaningless of the title of the work regarding the total absence of feeling connected to whatever in this church and in the f* world. And in the end, is it social satire to put this piece of art into this particular place? To make the people feel disconnected? Or being lost?

  3. Frau Schmidt sagt:

    Artist Christian shows his art in a christian church to christians – and of cause to others who drop by – who are all anyhow disconnected: to God, people, the world.
    The point is that they ARE disconnected and if a sculpture with a different meaning brings them to feel it – that’s actually a step forward. Then there is hope that people get conscious of it.
    But that isn’t the purpose of the sculpture with this harmonique name.
    »Interconnected« sounds like: we are a familiy – one big family. And that’s what lots of people want to believe and celebrate. They work hard on it each day in their Inter-con-ne(c)t-world.

  4. Chris K. sagt:

    The main question is what kind of connection do you believe in. Is it the connection to the show, the celebrating crowd or the self-referred or referred-to-the-obvious artistic circle. The connection to the mindleading preacher? Or maybe a kind of personal, independent connection which you find relieable.
    As long as being part of the simulation of being a big family you won’t even recognise the grotesque contradiction in this exhibition.
    As far as I’m concerned I am in fact disconnected to those celebrating people and the gallery owners here – on purpose. But I’m surely connected to something deeper. I do never get there by accident. Though the connection is poor, mostly one-way. But I’m happy not to be connected to those who tell me all the time what God wants me to do.

  5. Chris K. sagt:

    It’s a question to answer yourself!
    It is clear to me that my own belief is the main thing. The disinformation programme is just for sheep to keep them engaged in the show.

  6. Chris K. sagt:

    God moves in mysterious ways – Part II

    On Monday 5th – a bit late – I received the requested response! A sign that cheered me up that day and helps getting in contact again to some old friend that I was missing for about a year. In fact I’m very sorry for my impatience – shame on me.

    Still the whole world is not »Interconnected«. But my prayer reconnected me to at least one beloved person. Thanks! Next time I try to be a little more patient, more quiet until the conversation is over, after a few days delay.

  7. Sheri sagt:

    You’re amazing!

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