In despair of contact.

I’m seeking for you and reaching for you: „Ghostdog“ aka „Paul Larkin“ from London and „BloodSoakedWarrior“ aka „bloodthirstywerewolf“ aka „Daniel Kontreras“ from Texas, also „K.Lachnikov“, aka „Kala“ aka David from Berlin, „KT“ Kampftrupp Clan.
We’ve met years ago playin‘ BF Desert Combat on several servers in Europe, we’ve had contact on TS and mail. Unfortunately we ran outta sight and I seek desperately for you. For years. I also won’t get you on xfire. Try to contact me rightaway – RUF MICH AN!: DeadMeat[-at-]

Keep the faith bro’s, even if we can’t stay in touch

Dead Meat (SA)

In memoriam Stonecold aka  „Stonie the stoned Stoner“

*April 1st, 1965 – † June, 2008

P.S.: Get a life instead of gaming and getting just nothing.

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