When I cannot …

I cannot switch on the lights in my bedroom.

Reality would be different if I do. When the lights are off – everything seems right. Just like everyday.
But when I switch it on all is different. Just as if I saw into someone elses room. As if I was dropped in someone elses life.

If the lights are down I face the space, my life, all that was gone, all that was irritating and done. If the lights are on, I just see nothing. No imaginations, none of any. Just the blanks. Just the light.

What I see is just the meaningless in our lives.

So keep the lights down. Keep it down to see what matters, see what’s goin‘ on. See what you are like.
So keep the lights on. Keep it on to see what matters, to see what’s goin‘ on. To see what you are like.

See what you could be. See the love and honey drippin‘ all over. See you drown in love and honey and all the mess.

And in darkness I’ll be with you
And in the light …
in light …
I’ll be donegoneforever.

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